Efficient Lake & Pond Dredging for Alpharetta, GA Landowners

Most of the lakes and ponds in Georgia are man-made to serve as basins for stormwater runoff. They’re a vital part of the Georgia landscape and help prevent flooding on a large scale.

Each year, a retention pond can expect to add about one inch of silt to the bottom of the pond. Over time, this build-up leads to increased vegetation growth, lower oxygen levels, and the development of muck and algae.

Aquatic South is a pond dredging company for Alpharetta, GA, landowners that can provide their routine maintenance that your lake, pond, or waterway needs.

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Sediment Management Services For

  • Lakes

    Large-scale dredging jobs require extensive planning and prompt execution, both of which Aquatic South can provide.

  • Ponds

    We offer dredging and sediment management services for public, private, and commercial lakes and ponds.

  • Canals

    Man-made canals accumulate sediment, vegetation, and debris, which Aquatic South can clear out for you.

  • Rivers

    Rivers develop sandbars on the banks, which can stop water flow and create flooding problems for the surrounding region.

  • Reservoirs

    Multiple municipalities may rely on a single reservoir, and regular maintenance will ensure that its capacity is maximized.

  • And More

    Aquatic South can provide a full range of lake and pond management services. Contact our team today to get a quote.

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Who We Serve

  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Private Landowners

    Ponds should be dredged approximately every 5-15 years. Let us help ensure your pond looks and performs its best.

  • HOA's


    Your pond serves a dual purpose as a focal point for your community and a flood prevention plan. We can ensure it looks its best.

  • Municipalities


    No matter what kind of body of water your municipality needs cleared, Aquatic South can do so efficiently and effectively.

  • Industrial

    Industrial Concerns

    Industrial companies are required to adhere to strict guidelines for wastewater management. Aquatic South can help.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities

    Agricultural Concerns

    Stormwater runoff is vital to agricultural operations. Aquatic South can maintain your retention and wastewater ponds.

  • Industrial

    And More

    Aquatic South is committed to providing our clients with high-quality work and a simple customer experience. Get a quote today.

Done Uncommonly Well

Aquatic South’s motto is “common things done uncommonly well,” and we keep that motto in mind every time we do a job. We’re committed to providing high-quality work for each of our clients, no matter what that job is.

We combine that with a commitment to providing cost-effective solutions and a smooth, simple customer experience. We like to work alongside our clients to find innovative solutions for their sediment management problems.

Contact Aquatic South to speak with a representative and learn more about how we can help with your lake or pond dredging needs.

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