Efficient & Effective Pond Dredging in Gainesville, GA

Georgia lakes and ponds are predominantly man-made and serve as reservoirs, basins for stormwater runoff, or both.

These man-made bodies of water require regular maintenance in order to function properly. A retention pond will accumulate at least 1 inch of sediment a year. Most will accumulate more than that.

This sediment can lower the depth of the pond or lake, increase the amount of vegetation, and impede fish and wildlife that depend on the pond for survival.

Aquatic South provides sediment management and pond dredging services for Gainesville, GA, landowners that will help mitigate this sedimentation.

If you’re looking for a lake & pond dredging company in Gainesville, GA, contact our offices today to get a quote or request a proposal.

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Sediment Management For

  • Lakes

    Large bodies of water require a specialist with the right equipment. Aquatic South can manage large-scale lake dredging projects.

  • Ponds

    Whether your pond is decorative or vital to flood prevention, Aquatic South has the expertise to manage and dredge it.

  • Rivers

    Rivers can accumulate sediment, which will eventually create sandbars. Left unchecked, this can impede water flow and cause flooding problems.

  • Reservoirs

    A lot of Georgia communities rely on reservoirs for their water, and Aquatic South is proud to maintain reservoirs and serve the communities that need them.

  • Canals

    In addition to sedimentation, canals tend to accumulate debris, vegetation, and trash that needs regular clearing away.

  • And More

    Aquatic South provides a full range of aquatic services to help Georgians manage their lakes and ponds. Get a quote today.

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Who We Serve

  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Private Landowners

    We work with everyone from homeowners to golf courses, providing them with sedimentation management strategies that work for them.

  • HOA's


    Your pond is likely a focal point of your community, and Aquatic South is committed to helping HOAs maintain beautiful, functional ponds.

  • Municipalities


    City, township, and county agencies often have unique sediment management needs that Aquatic South is prepared to meet.

  • Industrial


    Aquatic South is safety-minded and committed to providing EPA-approved sediment management for industrial concerns.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities


    Agricultural wastewater lagoons will eventually fill and need dredging. Aquatic South is proud to help large and small producers.

  • Industrial

    And More

    Our extensive experience with sediment management and dredging services enables us to serve almost anyone. Contact us today for a quote.

Everything Done Uncommonly Well

Our motto is “the common done uncommonly well,” and we approach each project with that attitude. From planning to execution, we put the time and effort in to do it all uncommonly well.

That means we take pride in our work, find cost-effective solutions, and ensure that each of our clients is satisfied with our work before calling it “finished.”

If you need dredging services in Gainesville, GA, contact Aquatic South today to speak with a representative and learn how we can help.

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