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Sometimes, in order to figure out what’s happening in your body of water, you need to get up close and personal. Sediment can accumulate in irrigation wells, intake screens, underwater pipes, pumps, and other vital parts of manmade bodies of water.

Aquatic South provides a suite of inland commercial diving services in support of our sediment removal and dredging services. Our divers will help guide the rest of our team in determining the best course of action for your lake or pond.

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Diving Services for Clearing

  • Intake Screens

    Water filtration systems can develop sediment along the screens, affecting the system’s functionality and effectiveness.

  • Irrigation Wells

    Underground water wells can develop sediment that affects water quality. A commercial diver can provide targeted sediment removal.

  • Sediment Deposits

    Diver-led sediment removal can provide precise dredging services in ponds, lakes, creeks, and other water bodies.

  • Screens & Filters

    Water filters can become clogged with sediment, vegetation, and trash. Our divers will clear them and ensure maximum performance.

  • Underwater Piping

    Underwater pipes can get sediment built up inside of them, and our divers can crawl in and clear it all away.

  • And More

    Aquatic South is dedicated to helping our clients with commercial diving services. Get a quote from us today.

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The Benefits of Choosing Aquatic South

  • Ongoing Project Communication

    Aquatic South understands that the key to big jobs is project management and ongoing communication. We work alongside our clients so they understand everything–what we’re doing, why, and when we’ll be finished.

  • Cost-Effective Diving Solutions

    Aquatic South understands that our clients are operating on a budget. That’s why we always strive to find the most cost-effective solution that meets their needs. If there’s a cheaper way to satisfy our customers, we’ll do it.

  • Customer-First Business Policy

    The team at Aquatic South is dedicated to creating a smooth customer experience. We like to work alongside our clients to meet the unique needs of their situation and then surpass their every expectation.