Efficient & Effective Pond Dredging in Norcross, GA

Most of the lakes and ponds in Georgia are man-made, and man-made lakes need regular maintenance. Without it, they may develop more vegetation, algae blooms, and small islands throughout.

Sediment management mostly means regular dredging. A lake or pond can expect to get about an inch of sedimentation per year, at the least. More lakes and ponds will get more. Over time, this adds up.

Aquatic South provides a suite of sediment management services for Norcross, GA, landowners that will help them maintain a functional, beautiful lake or pond.

If you’re looking for a pond dredging company in Norcross, GA, contact Aquatic South today to get a quote or request a proposal.

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Sediment Management Solutions For

  • Rivers & Creeks

    Rivers and creeks get sediment from runoff that can create sand bars. Left unchecked, this will choke the flow of water and cause flooding problems.

  • Lakes

    Large lakes require an experience sediment management team like Aquatic South. We have the crew and the equipment for large jobs.

  • Ponds

    Most ponds in Georgia are retention ponds, and they need regular maintenance to stay up to code and look their best.

  • Reservoirs

    With almost 4 thousand reservoirs in the state, communities everywhere enjoy beautiful, functional reservoirs.

  • Canals

    Man-made canals accumulate sediment, vegetation, trash, and other debris. Let us clear it out and maximize canal traffic.

  • And More

    Aquatic South has the expertise to provide high-quality sediment management solutions for a variety of situations. Get a quote today.

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Who We Serve

  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Private Landowners

    From homeowners to golf courses, we work with a variety of private landowners to ensure their ponds look great.

  • HOA's


    HOA ponds normally serve multiple purposes and are enjoyed by community members. We’ll ensure they love every minute.

  • Municipalities


    Township and county agencies have unique sediment management needs that Aquatic South understands intimately.

  • Industrial


    Whether decorative or a wastewater lagoon, Aquatic South has the experience to provide industrial sediment management.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities


    Agricultural wastewater ponds are vital to ensuring sustainable production. Aquatic South is proud to help. 

  • Industrial

    And More

    Our extensive experience ensures we’re able to meet the needs of all our clients, no matter what their situation is.

Everything Done Uncommonly Well

Our motto is “the common done uncommonly well,” and it’s one that we live by and practice when we take on a project. From planning to completion, we take our time to provide insightful, effective solutions.

That means taking the time to talk to our clients and learn about their needs. It means finding cost-effective solutions. It means ensuring that we do a good job and that our clients are totally satisfied.

If you need pond dredging services in Norcross, GA, contact Aquatic South today to speak with a representative. Let us show you how we can help solve your sedimentation problems.

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