Efficient & Effective Pond Dredging in Milton, GA

The majority of Georgia lakes and ponds are man-made, either serving as reservoirs or stormwater retention ponds.

These man-made bodies of water can expect to accumulate at least an inch of sedimentation each year. Most will accumulate much more, though. Over time, this sediment can turn into sludge or otherwise impede the functioning of the body of water.

Man-made bodies of water require regular maintenance and dredging. Aquatic South is an experienced lake & pond dredging company in Milton, GA, that’s helped landowners throughout the state.

If you need dredging or other maintenance, contact Aquatic South today to get a quote or request a proposal.

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Sediment Management Solutions For

  • Ponds

    We offer pond dredging and sediment management services for both private and publicly-owned ponds and retention ponds.

  • Lakes

    Large bodies of water require an experienced team with the right equipment, and Aquatic South has both.

  • Reservoirs

    Communities depend on reservoirs for potable water and wastewater treatment. Aquatic South is proud to support these communities.

  • Rivers

    Rivers will accumulate sedimentation that will create sand bars. Left untreated, these will increase the risk of flooding.

  • Canals

    Canals develop sedimentation, but they also accumulate trash and other debris. Aquatic South will ensure they’re clear.

  • And More

    Aquatic South has the experience and equipment to work on a wide variety of aquatic environments. Get a quote or request a proposal today.

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Who We Serve

  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Private Landowners

    From golf courses to homeowners, Aquatic South is proud to help private landowners keep their ponds looking great.

  • HOA's


    Your community’s pond likely helps prevent flooding and serves as a focal point for the residents. Let us keep it beautiful.

  • Municipalities


    Townships and counties often have unique needs, and Aquatic South has the expertise to ensure those needs are met.

  • Industrial


    We’re committed to helping industrial concerns safely and effectively maintain their wastewater lagoons.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities


    Agricultural operations need retention and wastewater treatment ponds. Aquatic South can care for both.

  • Industrial

    And More

    Our extensive experience allows us to help a variety of individuals with their dredging needs. Contact us today to get a quote or request a proposal.

Everything Done Uncommonly Well

Our motto is “the common done commonly well.” When we begin work on a project, we take that motto to heart. When you work with Aquatic South, you can expect us to execute, from planning to project completion.

We’re committed to providing thoughtful, effective solutions for our clients. We take pride in keeping our budgets low, completing projects on time, and ensuring that our customers are totally happy with the final product.

If you need sediment management or pond dredging services in Milton, GA, contact Aquatic South to speak with one of our representatives.

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