Full-Service Sediment Removal in Georgia

Over time, sediment will accumulate in your lake or pond. This “muck” does more than just look bad. It can:

• Stifle the wildlife that lives in and around the water
• Ruin the quality of the water
• Lead to flooding problems

Removing the sediment, trash, and vegetation can help restore the look and depth of your lake or pond. This will naturally reduce algae counts and encourage wildlife to live in the body of water.

Aquatic South provides a full suite of mechanical lake and pond dredging services in Georgia. We’re experienced professionals dedicated to helping landowners and businesses throughout the state restore their aquatic bodies. If you need dredgings services, contact us today to get a quote.

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Sediment Removal Services from Aquatic South

  • Lakes

    Aquatic South provides dredging for private and public lakes, reservoirs, and other medium-to-large-sized bodies of water.

  • Ponds

    We service decorative, retention, and detention ponds, helping restore their appearance and functionality.

  • Canals

    Man-made canals can accumulate debris that clogs the waterway. Aquatic South can clear and beautify these canals.

  • Rivers

    Rivers and creeks can develop sandbars or blockages from silt or trash, leading to potential flooding. We can clear these obstructions efficiently.

  • Reservoirs

    Keeping reservoirs clear of trash and sediment build-up is vital to ensuring clean drinking water, and Aquatic South is available to help.

  • And More

    No matter what kind of dredging project you have in mind, Aquatic South can help. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Pond Dredging Company for Georgia

  • Communication throughout the Project

    The team at Aquatic South provides regular project updates, including estimated completion times, for each of our projects. We believe in working alongside each of our clients to ensure they get the end result that meets their unique needs.

  • We Offer Cost-Effective Solutions

    Aquatic South doesn’t unnecessarily inflate our prices. We try to offer the most cost-effect solutions for our clients that have minimal long-term impact on their property and the environment.

  • We’re Dedicated to Our Customers

    We back up quality work with a smooth customer experience. We like to work closely with our clients to learn their unique needs, then customize our services to ensure they get exactly what they want.

Pond Dredging Company for Georgia

  • HOAs

    Ensure your development looks its best while protecting your property owners.

  • Golf Courses

    Water hazards are a great addition to any course. Ensure yours look their best.

  • Property Managers

    Prevent flooding problems and beautify the properties you manage all at once.

  • Municipalities

    Full-service dredging for reservoirs, lakes, ponds, creeks, and more.

  • Private Landowners

    If you have a body of water on your property, dredging can beautify and protect you.

  • And More

    Aquatic South is here for all of your dredging and sediment removal needs.