We work alongside you

Aquatic South is dedicated to providing high-quality work for all of our clients, be they private landowners or industrial concerns. We work alongside our customers to ensure they get the right solution for their sediment management problem.

  • Public/private ponds & lakes


    If your pond or lake doesn’t look good, it can throw off your clients. Aquatic South can develop a sediment management technique to help.

  • Golf courses

    Golf Courses

    Your course’s water features are a big draw, but if they need regular maintenance to look their best.

  • HOA's


    A pond is normally part of a community center, but if it’s overgrown with vegetation or developing an island, you should call Aquatic South.

  • Municipalities


    Aquatic South can provide sediment management for municipal waterways, stormwater management systems, reservoirs, and more.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities

    Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater management is vital to municipal water supplies. Aquatic South can provide a suite of sediment management solutions to ensure your treatment plan is functioning well.

  • Industrial


    Industrial wastewater lagoons are highly regulated, but Aquatic South can help you manage your pond and the regulatory and permitting process.

  • Wastewater treatment facilities


    Agricultural waste ponds need regular maintenance to perform well, and farms and ranches often require retention ponds for stormwater runoff.

  • Industrial

    Private Landowners

    We offer sediment management for lakefront properties and homes that have ponds or lakes on them.